Whether you’re an English major curious about the influence of classic Jewish texts on modern literature or an undeclared first year student looking to explore a new area of inquiry, Jewish Studies courses may be right for you.

Every year more than 1,000 students enroll in the Program’s 40-plus courses to explore Jewish civilization from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Most Jewish Studies courses are offered through a variety of other academic departments including: Comparative Literary Studies, English, German, Hebrew, History, Political Science, Religious Studies, Spanish, Sociology and Yiddish. Subjects range historically from the ancient world of the Hebrew Bible to the contemporary Arab-Israeli conflict and cover the full gamut of modern Jewish thought, history, literature, and culture.

Many courses meet Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences distribution requirements and can be counted toward a major or minor in Jewish Studies, a minor in Hebrew Studies, or other WCAS majors and minors. Whatever the specific subject, professors emphasize critical thinking, close analysis of texts, the evolution of ideas and themes across time, and the mutual influence of developments among Jews and the cultural and temporal settings in which these occurred.