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American Studies

American St. 310 Storytelling in American Jewish Literature

Civil and Environmental Engineering

395: Water in Israel and the Middle East

Comparative Literature

Comp Lit 210 The Bible as Literature

Comp Lit 278 Dilemmas of Israeli Identity

Comp Lit 278 Pre-1939

Comp Lit 278 Tales of Love and Darkness: Eros and Isolation in Jewish Literature

Comp Lit 278 The European Period

Comp Lit 279 Modern Jewish Literature

Comp Lit 304 Job's Tears: Jewish Response to Suffering

Comp Lit 310 Storytelling in Modern Jewish Literature

Comp Lit 390 Messianism, Mysticism and Magic in Modern Jewish Literature


English 105 Writing About Children and the Holocaust

English 313 Back to London: Journey to Europe in Hebrew and Israeli Lit.

English 368 Representing the Holocaust

English 368 The Rise of Israeli Women's Prose

English 378 Jewish American Literature

Gender Studies

Gender Studies 382\90 Gender, Race, and the Holocaust


German 202 Advanced Yiddish

German 234 Jews and Germans: An Intercultural History

German 242 Imagining Modern Jewish Culture in Yiddish and German

German 246 The Shtetl in Fiction and Folklore

German 266 The Image of the Shtetl in Modern Yiddish Literature

German 330/335 Intro to Yiddish Literature in Translation

German 366 The Rise and Fall of Modern Yiddish Culture

Global Health

GLB_HLTH 310 Israeli Society: Identity, National Building and Ethnicity--ASK BW

Hebrew Language

Hebrew 111 Hebrew 1 **

Hebrew 121 Hebrew 2 **

Hebrew 216 Hebrew 3 Topics in Hebrew Literature

Hebrew 316 Hebrew 4 Topics in Hebrew Literature


History 101 Freshman Seminar: European History Collaboration & Complicity Holocaust

History 101 Freshman Seminar: Origins of Zionism

History 101 Freshman Seminar: The Rise Of The Nazis, 1928-34

History 101 Freshman Seminar: Poland, WWII and the Holocaust

History 101 Freshman Seminar: The Images of the Jew in Modern Literature

History 203 Jewish History 750-1492

History 203 Modern Jewish History 1748-1948

History 203 Pre-Modern and Early Modern Jewish History (1492-1789)

History 300 Historical Background to the Establishment of Israel: the 1920s-1940s

History 300 Jewish and Christian Responses to Natural Disaster

History 300 Jewish Messianic Movements: The History of the End of History

History 300 Jewish-Christian Relations: From the Gospels to Mel Gibson

History 300 Jews and Muslims in the Islamic Middle Ages

History 300 Medieval Jewish History

History 300 The Arab-Israel Conflict: Historical Perspectives

History 300 The German Reformation and the Jews

History 300 The Roots of the Jewish-Arab Conflict: History and Historiography

History 347 Christians and Jews 

History 348 Jews in Eastern Europe: 1250-1917

History 348 Jews in Eastern Europe: 1917-1991

History 348 Jews in Poland, Ukraine and Russia

History 349 History of the Holocaust

History 374 Historical Background of Jewish-Muslim Relations

History 391 Eastern European Jewish Experience from the 10-19th Centuries

History 391 History of the Modern State of Israel, 1949-1988

History 391 Jews in the USSR, 1917-1991

History 391 Modern Jewish History

History 391 Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire

History 391 The Nascent State of Israel: Identity, Nation-Building, and Ethnicity

History 392 Film and Politics in Israeli History

History 392 Israeli Military History, 1948-present

History 392 The Arab Spring and Arab-Israel Conflict

History 392 The Arab-Jewish Conflict in Palestine, 1881-1948

History 392 The History of Jewish Law

History 392 Zionism, From Its Origins to 1917

History 392/295 Readings in Hasidism and Jewish Mysticism

History 392/395 African Americans and Jews in the 20th Century

History 392/395 Arabs in a Jewish State: the Arab Minority in Israel

History 392/395 Between History and Memory: Jewish Autobiography 

History 392/395 Historical Background of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

History 392/395 Jews in Modern America

History 392/395 Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

History 392/395 Nature and the Supernatural in Medieval Thought

History 392/395 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

History 392/395 Religious Conversion in Early Modern Mediterranean World

History 392/395 The Cold War and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

History 392/395 The Making of the Shtetl: History of the Polish Jewish Town

History 392/395 The Six-Day War (1967)

History 392/395 Western Literary Encounters with Jewish History

History 392/395-30 Blood Libel: Magic, Torture, Cannibalism

History 395 Hasidism

History 395 Origins of Zionism

History 395-40 Holocaust Survivor Research

History 492 Early Modern European Jews

History 492 Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah, and Hasidism

History 492 Topics in Medieval Jewish History

History 499 East European Jewish Historiography


Humanities 301 Justice for the Holocaust

Humanities 302 Law as Literature - Jewish Law

Jewish Studies

JWSH_ST 101-6 Freshman Seminar: Job's Tears: Jewish Response to Suffering

JWSH_ST 101-6 Freshman Seminar: The Image of the Jew in Modern Literature

JWSH_ST 210 Jewish Studies: An Overview

JWSH_ST 242 Imagining Modern Jewish Culture in Yiddish and German

JWSH_ST 266 Image of the Shtetl in Modern Yiddish Literature 

JWSH_ST 278 Tales of Love and Darkness: Eros and Isolation in Jewish Literature 

JWSH_ST 279 Modern Jewish Literature in Translation: An Introduction

JWSH_ST 350 Representing the Holocaust in Literature and Film

JWSH_ST 366 The Rise and Fall of Modern Yiddish Culture

JWSH_ST 379 Storytelling in American Jewish Literature

JWSH_ST 390 Water in Israel and the Middle East


General Music 175 Jews and Music


Philosophy 311 Studies in Medieval "Maimonides"

Philosophy 312 Studies in Modern Philosophy: Spinoza

Philosophy 411 Maimonides Guide of the Perplexed

Political Science

Political Science 390 Government and Politics in Israel

Political Science 390/5 Media & the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Political Science 395 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Religious Studies

Religion 101 Freshman Seminar: Introduction to Kabbalah

Religion 101 Freshman Seminar: Jews and Christians in Dialogue

Religion 101 Freshman Seminar: Reading your Neighbor’s Scripture

Religion 220 Introduction to Hebrew Bible 

Religion 230 Introduction to Judaism 

Religion 320 Art of Biblical Narrative

Religion 321 Prophecy in Ancient Israel 

Religion 329 "God, Justice, Happiness: Wisdom Lit. of the Hebrew Bible"

Religion 329 Archaeology & Hebrew Bible

Religion 329 Biblical Text in Hebrew

Religion 329 History and History Writing in Ancient Israel

Religion 329 In the Persian Time 

Religion 329 Jeremiah: Prophet and Revolutionary

Religion 329 King Solomon The Man and Myth

Religion 329 Modern Debates About the Hebrew Bible

Religion 329 Moses and David

Religion 329 The Book of Samuel

Religion 329/339 Varieties of God in the Hebrew Bible

Religion 330 Varieties of Ancient Judaism

Religion 331 Classical Jewish Thought 

Religion 332 Modern Jewish Thought 

Religion 333 Contemporary Jewish Identities 

Religion 333 Gender and Existential Aspects in Jewish Mysticism 

Religion 333 Jewish Women Writers and the Search for Religion

Religion 333 Struggling with God/Self in Jewish Theology

Religion 333/339 American Judaism

Religion 339 Art of Rabbinic Literature

Religion 339 Gender and Judaism

Religion 339 God After the Holocaust

Religion 339 Jewish Ethics 

Religion 339 Judaism and (Non) Violence: Thology & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 

Religion 339 Law as Literature - Jewish Law

Religion 339 Midrashic Text in Hebrew

Religion 339 Reading Talmud in Translation

Religion 339 The Sabbath in Rabbinic Literature

Religion 339/472 Good and Evil: Readings in Levinas and Arendt

Religion 351 Muhammad, the Jews, and the Origins of Islam

Religion 352 Biblical Themes in Muslim Tradition

Religion 371 Muhammad, Jews and Islam

Religion 374 Religion and Literature 

Religion 379 Dying for God: Sacrifice and Martyrdom in the Ancient World 

Religion 379 Jewish and Christian Response to Natural Disaster

Religion 379 The Bible and Islam

Religion 474 Good and Evil: Moral Agency, Responsibility, and Ethics

Religion 474 Judaism Studies

Religion 474 Religion and Narrative


Sociology 327 Comparing Youth Cultures: Focus on Israel

Sociology 345 Class and Culture: Focus on Israel

Sociology 376 Cultural Encounters: Focus on Israel

Sociology 376 Gender and Society in Israel

Sociology 376 Immigration and Militarization: Aspects of Israeli Society

Sociology 376 Media and Society: Focus on Israel


Spanish 105 Freshman Seminar "Exploring Jewish Argentina"

Spanish 232 Discovering Jewish Latin America

Spanish 397 Jewish Argentina: From Jewish Gauchos to Contemporary Culture

School of Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies 300 Introduction to Judaism

Continuing Studies 379 The Bible and Islam

School of Education and Social Policy

SESP 351 Holocaust Memory, Memorials, and Museums

Teach_Ed 351 The Holocaust and Education 


Yiddish 111 First Year Yiddish

Yiddish 112 Intermediate Yiddish

Yiddish 266 Image of the Shtetl in Modern Jewish Literature

Yiddish 366 The Rise and Fall of Modern Yiddish Culture

Yiddish 399 Yiddish Independent Study

**First and second year Hebrew and Yiddish (Hebrew 111, 121 and German 111, 121) do not count directly for the minor. However, students who complete two years of Hebrew or Yiddish need to take only five courses for the Jewish Studies minor rather than the normal seven courses: see the "Requirements for the Minor" section of the web page. One quarter of Hebrew 3 counts toward the Hebrew Studies Minor requirement for one of the two courses conducted in Hebrew.