Jill Stacey Harris Prize

The Jill Stacey Harris Prize in Jewish Studies has been awarded annually since 1991 for the best undergraduate essay in the field of Jewish Studies. Student papers are nominated by the faculty in Jewish Studies and an independent committee evaluates and judges the nominated submissions.

Past winners and their project titles are:

  • Alex Duner, “People of the Book: How Media Innovations Shape the Textual Authority of the Talmud”
  • Adina Goldman, "From Beyond the Curtain: The Living, the Dead, and Unstable Boundaries in the Talmudic Graveyard."
  • Katherine Strair, "I.L. Peretz's Socialist "Impression" of the Shtetl"
  • Michael Kaplan, "Between Diaspora and Homeland"
  • Alexandra Raynor, "Organizing Survival: The Question of Prisoners: Morality During the Holocaust"
  • Julia Swanson, "I. L. Peretz: Encounters of the Self through the Shtetl"
  • Laura Colee, "The End of the Millennium: Defining Christianity through a Jewish Messiah in the 17th Century"
  • Douglas Kaplan, "Godard and Film Style: Mastery of Aesthetics and Arrogance"
  • Joshua Urich, "Deuteronomy 34 Via Chuck Palahniuk"
  • Ehui Nyatepe-Coo, "The Trauma of Bearing Witness"
  • Manya Treece, "The Use of Hellenistic and Hebraic Narrative Styles in the Book of Esther"
  • Logan Plaster, "A Lesson in Suffering"
  • Elizabeth Westby, "Reconciliation: An Analysis of Buber and Rosenzweig in the Works of Lasker-Schuler"
  • Deborah Hirsch, "Teachers in the Judaic Tradition"
  • Owen Chan, "A Discussion of Maimonides' View of Prophecy vs. Philosophy"
  • Monica Smatlak, "Telling the Mystery of Penuel"
  • Sarah Conway, "Naming in Jewish Literature"
  • Monica Smatlak, "Beware the False Prophet: Authority and Authenticity of Prophecy"
  • Leah Wagner, "Both Sides of the Mirror: Art and Illusion in Terezin"