Jewish Studies

The minor in Jewish studies requires the successful completion of seven courses in three general areas:

  • A three-course survey of Jewish history providing a basis for advanced work and a unified view of the history of the Jews in the Western world. Included are:
    • Introduction to Hebrew Bible or any course in the history of ancient Israel; one course that deals with the history or culture of the Jewish people in the Middle Ages;* and one course covering some aspect of modern Jewish history.*
  • Two courses in Jewish religion chosen from the following:
    • Introduction to Judaism, Introduction to Medieval Jewish Philosophy, Judaism in the Modern World, Jewish Thought in the 20th Century, The Rise of Rabbinic Judaism, Literary Expressions of Rabbinic Judaism, The Art of Biblical Narrative, and Topics in Judaism, or similar courses approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Two additional courses, chosen from among the following fields:
    • Jewish literature (e.g., Modern Jewish Literature; Art of Biblical Narrative; Representation of the Holocaust in Literature and Film; Introduction to Eastern European Jewish Culture);
    • Jewish philosophy (e.g., courses covering thinkers such as Maimonides, Rosenzweig, or Levinas, or similar courses approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies);
    • Sociology or anthropology of Jewish communities.

For students who also satisfactorily complete two years of language study in Hebrew or Yiddish, requirements for the minor are the successful completion of five courses, three in the first area and one each in the second and third areas. First and second year language courses do not count towards the minor. Appropriate third year language courses may be counted.

*Courses that count towards the Jewish Studies Minor can be found on our quarterly course page or yearly course planners. To inquire about other courses, please contact the Director of Jewish Studies.