Requirements for the major

Prerequisite: Students must complete second-year Hebrew or place out of second-year Hebrew before completing the major.

Courses: The major in Jewish Studies will require the successful completion of twelve courses, at least six of which must be at the 300 level. These courses must include:

  • Any two courses from the following list:
    • Third-year Hebrew. (A single quarter of third-year Hebrew will suffice to satisfy this requirement.)
    • A course on a classical Jewish text in Hebrew in the Department of Religious Studies.
    • A course on Hebrew literature read in Hebrew.
      Students who complete two years of Yiddish language are exempted from this requirement and need only complete ten courses to complete the major.
  • Religion 230: Introduction to Judaism.
  • One course covering the biblical period.
  • One course covering the rabbinic period.
  • Two courses covering the post-rabbinic periods (viz., post-800 C.E.)
  • Five other courses listed by Jewish Studies as counting for major or minor credit. (Third-year Hebrew and third-year Yiddish can count toward this requirement.)

Of these twelve courses, at least one must be in the Department of History and one in a department that focuses on the study of literature.

The Jewish Studies major was approved by the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences in October 2008.