Current Courses

Spring Courses 2017


German 404-20 (also CLS 413-20)

Holocaust Writing and Its Discontents Grad Seminar (open to undergrads) A. Parkinson M 2:00-4:50
Hebrew 111-3 Hebrew I E. Tzelgov MTWTH 11:00-11:50
Hebrew 121-3 Hebrew II E. Tzelgov MTWTH 1:00-1:50
Hebrew 216-3 Hebrew III: Topics in Hebrew Literature Area VI E. Tzelgov TTH 9:30-10:50
History 203-1 Jewish History 750-1492 Area IV D. Shyovitz TTH 11:00-12:20
History 348-2 Jews in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia Area IV Y. Petrovsky-Shtern MW 2:00-3:20
History 349-20 History of the Holocaust Area IV D. Greene MW 9:30-10:50
History 392/395 Origins of Zionism Y. Petrovsky-Shtern MW 3:30-4:50
History 492 Documents and Narratives: Jews and Modernity Grad Seminar (open to undergrads) Y. Petrovsky-Shtern T 2:00-4:50

JWSH_ST 101-6 (First Year Seminar)

Job's Tears: Jewish Response to Suffering First Year Seminar M. Moseley TTH 2:00-3:20

JWSH_ST 278 (also CLS 278-20)

Exploring Hebrew Literature Area VI  Y. Dekel TTH 3:30-4:50

JWSH_ST 336 (also Econ 236-20)

The Israeli Economy D. Peled TTH 11:00-12:20

JWSH_ST 366 (also German 366-20)

Yiddish Culture and the Holocaust Area VI M. Moseley MW 3:30-4:50

JWSH_ST 379-0 (also Am Stud 310-20)

Storytelling in American Jewish Literature Area VI M. Gealy MWF 11:00-11:50

JWSH_ST 390 (also CIV_ENV 395-0-25)

Water in Israel and the Middle East: Resilience, Sustainability, Security

E. Rekhess & A. Packman TH 2:00-4:50
Philosophy 311

Studies in Medieval Philosophy: Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed

K. Seeskin TTH 11:00-12:20
Religion 339-20 Gender and Sexuality in Judaism Area V C. Sufrin TTH 9:30-10:50
Religion 339-21 Ethnic Communities in Contemporary Israel Area V J. Ringel MW 11:00-12:20
Teach_Ed 351 The Holocaust and Education D. M. Cohen TTH 12:30-1:50
Yiddish 366 Yiddish Culture and the Holocaust Area VI M. Moseley MW 3:30-4:50

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